Villa Sofia, reconstructed the cervical esophagus of a patient with a “piece” of pectoral muscle

Editorial team 06 September 2021 17:46

Reconstructed the cervical esophagus of a patient with laryngeal cancer with a “piece” of pectoral muscle. The surgery was performed at the Villa Sofia hospital by the team led by Dr. Giuseppe Mario Galfano and made up of doctors Salvatore Poma, Domenico Michele Modica and the anesthetist-resuscitator Giovanni Milone. A particularly difficult operation was carried out by the group of doctors who are part of the intensive care unit directed by Paolino Savatteri. “The peculiarity of this procedure – informs the Villa Sofia-Cervello company in a note – is that after the circular pharyngolaryngectomy, a salivary diverter was placed in order to preserve the sutures from the saliva itself. The patient was constantly monitored in the post-operative and throughout the hospital stay, without any complications during the course and will now therefore be followed up at the oncological clinics of the ward “. “Once again – says Giuseppe Mario Galfano, director of the complex operating unit of Laryngology – our unit has proved to be a regional and national reference point for oncological pathology in the head and neck district and has managed to guarantee the best treatments despite the pandemic period “.

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