Villa Sofia, patient, gets up from the stretcher and punches a nurse reported

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Nurse punched by a patient in the emergency room.
The incident took place Sunday morning in Villa Sofia where police officers intervened to report a 43-year-old man who allegedly assaulted a doctor from behind, at that moment busy for a service call.
“In addition to family members, we must also defend ourselves from patients.
I’m sorry for my colleague – another nurse tells PalermoToday – who was also in his second shift.
The lack of staff has now become a problem”.

According to an initial reconstruction, everything would have happened along the corridors of the emergency room.
The 43-year-old had been hospitalized the previous day for abdominal pain and was on a stretcher.
At a certain point he would have walked away by detaching the IV from his arm and after a few minutes he would have returned to his place.
Then he would ask the nurse to reattach the tube to the valve.
The doctor, however, also busy with the other patients and with the hospital telephone, would have told him to wait a moment so that he could dedicate himself to him too.

The patient would not have liked the answer and would suddenly get up from the stretcher, shout something and hit the nurse in the back, punching him in the head.
The Mondialpol security guards intervened to stop the man before the police cars arrived.
The employee of Villa Sofia was examined by colleagues who found injuries that could be cured in ten days, while the 43-year-old, after being identified, was reported for injuries and remained in hospital.

“The last similar episode – explains the nurse – had happened at the Policlinico, but here in Villa Sofia it happens all the time.
There are structural problems but the administration is a deaf ear, believing that the staff is sufficient and that everything goes well”.
Just two weeks ago a doctor from the pediatric emergency room had been pushed and attacked by a child’s family because, as reconstructed and denounced by a union, they did not want him to undergo the swab for Covid.

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2022-08-09 07:30:00

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