Villa Santocanale in Palermo, seizure for “non-compliant works” in the historic residence

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A property in via Santocanale in Palermo, within a green area, in the complex of the villa that gives its name to the street in Partanna Mondello, was placed under preventive seizure by the agents of the Artistic Heritage Protection Unit of the municipal police.
The municipal technicians and the Superintendency of Cultural Heritage have ascertained that the execution of the works would be different from the authorizations issued by the competent bodies.
The Court of Palermo ordered the provision accordingly.

The area, according to the General Town Plan of the Municipality of Palermo, is subject to the environmental protection constraint of historic greenery and the building is subject to a clear historical constraint.
Furthermore, the same area is subject to a landscape constraint.
The owner, the client and the construction manager have been deferred to the judicial authorities.

The historic villa was built on an ancient tower of the sixteenth century and is part of the summer villas of the Piana dei Colli built by the Palermo nobility between 1700 and 1800 on the northern outskirts of the city.
In addition to the manor house with its park, buildings were added that could contain the crops from the surrounding land cultivated by the employees.

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