Victory shooting, shots exploded after fight: stopped responsible


Vittoria (RAGUSA) – A man was arrested in connection with what happened yesterday in Vittoria where yesterday morning the police station police officers had intervened in the central Piazza del Popolo, to report a fight with the use of firearms. The dispute arose for futile reasons, then degenerated with the minor injury, following gunshots, of a boy and a girl, medicated at the local hospital and subsequently discharged.

The investigations, immediately launched by the investigators of the Mobile Squad and the local Commissariat, with the support of the Scientific Police and the Crime Prevention Department of Catania, they allowed, within a few hours, to ascertain that it had been a dispute, which began inside a pub, degenerated immediately after with the injury of the two unfortunate and they allowed to identify and capture the seriously suspected subject of being the author of the crazy gesture that, after the shooting, had lost track. In fact, the research activities immediately launched by the State Police have made it possible to trace the man. The two injured boys, both transported to the Emergency Room of the Vittoria Hospital, reported a prognosis of 20 and 25 days respectively. In light of the seriousness of the facts, given the danger of escape, the man was subjected to detention of a suspect of crime for the crime of attempted murder. After the formalities of the rite, the arrested person was taken to prison at the disposal of the Judicial Authority. Another subject was instead reported on the loose for personal aiding.

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