Via Toledo in Catania. Saverino: “Return the entire area to citizenship”

A road closed to traffic, to avoid an open dustbin remains, is not a solution but a defeat. The delusion that four barriers could prevent the illegal dumping of waste in via Toledo in Catania is utopian. So much so that mountains of materials accumulate on the side of the road and now tires, old furniture, asbestos and mattresses invade the nearby via del Principe and via Stella Polare. Will these also be closed in the near future? Or, given that the waste dumping is not stopped, will the entire neighborhood of the Guardian Angels be cordoned off? Countless times, first as vice president of the Municipal Heritage Commission and now as President of the Provincial Assembly of Catania for the Democratic Party, the undersigned Ersilia Saverino has reported the problem by asking for this area, and for many other points of the city with strong landfill risk, an effective video surveillance system. Projects never implemented and today the neighborhood of the Guardian Angels and the neighborhood of San Cristoforo pay a huge cost in terms of safety, livability and decorum. Blind the road makes absolutely no sense and what was originally thought of as a temporary solution today, the total lack of interest of the institutions towards this part of the city, have transformed it definitively with the results that are there for all to see. The will of the entire healthy tissue of the territory is to say enough to this huge open-air dustbin. An area that at night turns into a bivouac for the homeless. We need to create a radical redevelopment plan starting with the elimination of landfills and securing the site with cameras that know how to catch the criminals who download everything in the act.

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