Via D’Amelio, the president of the first trial: “The red agenda will never be found”

«Borsellino’s red agenda? It will never be found. Whoever took it away will have destroyed it or hidden it who knows where ». Thus in an interview on the issue of Famiglia Cristiana on newsstands Renato Di Natale, president of the Court of Assizes of Caltanissetta who had celebrated in 1994 the first trial for the massacre of via D’Amelio and who had previously investigated the red agenda of Paolo Borsellino.

“We are sure that Borsellino had the red diary with him,” explains Di Natale. “Personally, I think that the magistrate could write down some arguments, certainly not that the politician or the official were colluding. There could be something about the mafia-procurement knot. But no one can say for sure. Even family members did not have access to those pages. “

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