Vehicle in Lampedusa catches fire while driving: young man escapes with burns.

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Smoke, then flames. Fear for a young driver who was driving a Fiat Punto that caught fire while driving on via Cameroni in Lampedusa. The young man also got injured. It happened along the road that leads to the hotspot of contrada Imbriacola. When he realized that his car was about to be engulfed in flames, he stopped and managed to quickly move away from the vehicle, but during those hectic moments he suffered burns to his hand and arm.

Within a few minutes, the vehicle was completely destroyed by the fire. The young man raised the alarm and firefighters arrived at the scene, extinguishing the fire and securing the area. Carabinieri and 118 emergency responders also intervened, transporting the young man to the emergency room: his condition is not serious. Investigations are underway to determine the cause of the fire, but based on preliminary findings, a malfunction of the car’s electrical system would have caused the flames.

A few weeks ago, a similar incident occurred on the Palermo-Catania highway, in the Enna area. The man at the wheel and his passengers managed to abandon the vehicle just in time: the car was completely destroyed by the flames, also in this case while driving. The driver called for help and firefighters and highway police officers arrived at the scene. A short circuit is believed to have caused the flames.

A few days earlier, another vehicle caught fire, in the middle of traffic, on the Palermo-Mazara del Vallo highway: long queues were recorded both at the entrance to the Sicilian capital and at the exit, due to the fire of a car stopped in the emergency lane on the A29 junction, near the Cervello hospital. The driver, also in this case, managed to stop, pull over, and get out of the vehicle, saving himself.

Lampedusa, auto a fuoco mentre è in marcia: un giovane riesce a salvarsi, ma resta ustionato

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