“Vax weekend” in Messina, yesterday almost 1000 at the fair. Confidence is growing, today the last day

The vaccination campaign without reservation in most of the centers activated in the province of Messina closes today. After the timid start on Thursday, the response has been gradually growing. The numbers are not transcendental but, the initiative has served, at least, to anticipate the vaccination of those who have benefited from the “vax weekend”.
Yesterday in the hub of the Fair, the only one for which detailed data is provided daily, 978 people were vaccinated. Those booked for some time were 529, therefore, 449 responded to the regional campaign for the immunization of over 60s.
Wanting to go into detail it turns out that they have been administered 743 Pfizer sera, 165 Moderna and 70 AstraZeneca. Of this last vaccine there were only 5 reservations (a figure that must make us reflect on the next supplies, given that Messina alone has at least 6000 unused doses “in the belly”) and therefore 65 Messina citizens have won the general mistrust and who they “defended” themselves from the virus with the Anglo-Swedish preparation.

Vaccine where and when today

So let’s recap in which structure it is possible to get vaccinated today if you belong to the over 80, over 60 or extremely fragile group.
For Astrazeneca (60-79 years old), 8-20 hours: hospital unit of Sant’Agata Militello, hospital unit of Patti, hospital unit of Lipari, Policlinico, Irccs Piemonte, hub in Fiera, vaccination center in via Risorgimento in Barcelona, vaccination center incubator of companies in Galati Mamertino, hospital of Mistretta (but from 8 to 14).
Pfizer and Moderna (over 80): hub in Fiera, hospital in Patti, hospital in Sant’Agata di Militello (only on 25 April), and up to 14 hospitals in Mistretta, Barcelona and Taormina.
Pfizer and Moderna (over 60, high fragility category): hubs at the Fair, hospitals in Lipari, Patti, Sant’Agata Militello and, up to 2 pm, Mistretta, Barcellona and Taormina.

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