Vasco Rossi, concert fever in Palermo: 60,000 tickets in a few hours

Every Sicilian record has been pulverized, and last year’s sales in Messina have also been beaten: Cyclone Vasco hits Palermo and in the first fifteen minutes of online ticket sales for his two dates next June at the stadium, he beats twenty thousand, which become fifty thousand in two hours and sixty thousand in mid-afternoon when only the furthest bend and the second part of the lawn, away from the stage, are available.
In short, the fans were with their fingers on the keyboard and as soon as the pre-sales opened, they immediately bought the coupons. And there are also those who have already thought about their stay, and in fact the b&bs are heading towards sold out and the prices for one night are already around 80 euros for two people, in the more expensive hotels. The “Vasco” fever has infected the city, buses are being set up from the rest of Sicily and from the “continent”, 22 and 23 June are already “red” dates on the calendars of traffic police and civil protection. And the organizer, Carmelo Costa for Musica da bere, launches enthusiastic social messages to entrepreneurs and institutions. At the Barbera stadium the concerts have been missing for twenty-five years, the capacity estimated by the organizers is just over 37,000 seats, between the lawn, grandstands and curves, 74,000 people in two days. The most popular (and already sold out) are the central grandstand and the gold lawn, almost 100 euros per ticket

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