Vandals in Marsala, firecrackers damage the social center of Sappusi: "Malaise among young people"

“We never thought it was easy to do social education. We know that we need to be on the field, alongside these kids and we have done it, we have been doing it for years, but we must do more”. Salvatore Inguì, director of the social service for minors in Palermo writes about what happened at the social center of Contrada Sappusi in Marsala, damaged by firecrackers.

“Our drop in the ocean is often thwarted by external factors – adds Inguì -. We try to show them, not by telling it, but with our behavior, our adherence to models that are respect for others, for themselves and for the environment. Our task is not to condemn it, but to understand the social malaise that those who are carrying out these acts are communicating to us”.

An operator from the Youth Welfare office discovered that the center had been damaged by vandals. Unknown people exploded an unknown number of bombs inside and outside the center, damaging the auditorium door, the handrail of the slide for the disabled, and a side window.

Vandals in Marsala, the precedents

Unfortunately this is not the first damage. On 11 May the front door had been kicked in and some plexiglass panels had been torn off, thrown to the ground from the outside, followed by another damage which had occurred on 30 August when unknown persons had hit and shattered a side window with a blunt object and the glass of a second side door had been kicked in.

Then again on 8 September the vandals had broken in through a window and, once inside, had damaged two doors of the USMM offices and a door of the offices of the Municipality of Marsala. Finally, on 13 September, another damage to the door of the Free People’s Gym located at the back of the structure. “What happened is very painful – said the volunteers of the Libera association – because this is a house where good practices are built, where people work to do and give good to this world”.

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