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Vandals at the Cruillas of Palermo. CGIL: “Great despair”

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noonApril 5, 2022 – 5:08 pm

Gym damaged.
Solidarity with the principal and the school community was expressed by the Flc Cgil

Of Marco Santoro

Vandal raid on the state institute including Cruillas in Palermo.
Gym damaged.
Solidarity with the principal and the school community was expressed by the Flc CGIL Palermo.
The school – declares the union secretary, Fabio Cirino – suffered serious damage.
As the head teacher denounced, Maria Rosa Caldarella, to which the Flc CGIL Palermo expresses its closeness, sharing the feeling of bitterness and anger, the doors of the gym were forced and torn, the dressing rooms were forced and the sports equipment was damaged.
The fire extinguisher was also opened, ruining and staining the floor.
In addition tothe garbage that the uncivilized leave in front of the school gates.

An act that we strongly condemn.
The situation has now become unsustainable for many schools in Palermoespecially in the suburbs, target of thefts and continuous aggressive acts, which aggravate the already difficult conditions experienced in this period by the educational institutions for the pandemic – adds Cirino -.
We feel great discouragement for these attitudes of civilization that penalize above all the students, children, brothers of the same neighborhood, who at school are preparing for their future.
The school must be respected and protected: the place where young people grow up, study, build their life and work path.
By destroying and depriving students of their living spaces, it hurts the school, which is a good for all as well as being a point of reference for many instances of the neighborhood.
We ask for protection for this school and to intensify surveillance on the territory, making students, teachers and parents feel the proximity of the institutions.

April 5, 2022 | 17:08