Vandalized the Bethlehem Hut in Petrosino

Vandalized, in Petrosino (Tp), the Hut of Bethlehem and the crib that was made inside. This was denounced by the socio-cultural association “Petros-Sinis”, organizer of the Christmas initiative. “The Hut of Bethlehem – reads a note from the association, signed by the vice president Gianfranco Sammartano – suffers every day acts of vandalism of all kinds. The vandals don’t even spare the characters, representing the Holy Family: their hands and clothes are vandalized, while the little boy suffers all kinds of violence, clay and plaster mixtures put on his face and in his mouth, the stereo speaker with Christmas music stolen , the fire extinguishers for safety, are used in contempt of the hut itself and the surrounding environment. We are dazed, we suffer all this every day, and every day we have taken steps to restore everything, but we are embittered by what is happening in Petrosino, at the hands of a few”. The leaders of the association are unable to explain what could be the reasons for these gestures and who carries them out. Both the municipal police and the municipal administration have been informed of what is happening and a complaint will also be formalised.

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