Please support us Hello Beautiful People, in Today’s episode we visited two late baroque jewels of …


  1. So informative and excellent educational video and photography. How you speak so clear with your masks on is beyond me as I nearly pass out when we have to wear them. Thank goodness in WA we’ve been living almost normal except for closing our Borders.

  2. Hi guys. Your reportage was, for me somewhat moving cause I grew up during my chilwood in Ragusa and I'm still fond to that town and inside me I keep got a lot of remembering.
    Anyway, your made an excellent job to showing to the world the huge historic wealth.
    Thank you so much for that

  3. Mpanatigghi: buonissimi, li mangio da 45 anni😋…p.s: Modica la città delle 100 chiese, nei tempi antichi, era attraversata da 2 fiumi, ormai coperti da strade, e con i suoi ponti, era considerata la Venezia del Sud…ora, invece, somiglia a Materia…ma Modica è unica! Oltre al cioccolato, buonissime sono le scacce.😋

  4. I appreciate so much this video!!!
    Have a Good life
    Piero from Modica❤️❤️

  5. Wow you really were both tired at the end of this vlog… traveling can be exhausting mentally and physically but you have also taken time to capture what you are experiencing then spend hours editing it into a consumable length…bravo to you both!
    Life is definitely more beautiful with souls like you in it.
    Keep smiling gorgeous Sara & Luca

  6. Hi guys.
    I love watching your episodes. You doing well.
    I have a question is pistachio grow in Italy?

  7. Oh! What a treat! I'm from modica! Thank you for your awesome video! 😘😘😘

  8. I love this series – and you two so much! It’s a slice of heaven to peek into these gorgeous Italian towns and all it’s culture- and hosted by the best tour guides. Fantastic work!! ❤️from 🇨🇦

  9. Devo ammettere che mi ha fatto un certo effetto vedere quello che vedo tutti i giorni…. Sì io abito a Modica e grazie a voi mi sono resa conto di prendere x scontato le meraviglie del mio paese…Ho guardato attraverso i vostri occhi😊 Grazie

  10. Cool video! Next year come back in Modica and visit the countryside…

  11. Thank you for your videos. From central California U.S.A. I enjoy watching your relaxing videos. Stay safe some crazy times we are living in. God bless 🙏

  12. Hello beautiful people! Does the chocolate store you visited have a web site we can order from?  We would love to experience that. Peace and prayers!!

  13. You guys are so genuine and fun, thanks for sharing these amazing videos!

  14. La mia bella Sicilia😍😍 Mi mancha tanto, purtroppo abbito in svizzera, i miei nonni gli vado a trovaro ogni anno. Quando stiamo in sicilia facciamo anche un giretto per vedere tante cose belle😁 Vi auguro una buona vaccanza.