Vampires in Catania with I am Dracula: Bizarre Phenomenology of Bela Lugosi

On Sunday, August 27th, as part of the “Catania Summer Fest 2023” event, the play “I am Dracula – Phenomenology-Freak of Bela Lugosi, the first vampire-actor” will be presented at the Ursino Castle courtyard at 9:00 pm. The play, written and performed by Alessandro Ferrari and organized by the cultural association “Il Teatro Fantasma,” will consist of two distinct theatrical moments. The first will feature a unique representation of a “Dracula Solo,” while the second will focus on the anthropological and acting aspects, exploring the inseparable relationship between Bram Stoker’s vampire character, “Dracula,” and the extraordinary personality of Bela Lugosi. Lugosi, an authentic semi-Transylvanian Hungarian actor first portrayed the collective myth of the vampire on Broadway in 1927 and later in Hollywood in 1931. This performance aims to highlight Lugosi’s unique interpretation of the character, characterized by magnetism, posture, expressiveness, voice, and gestures, creating a subtly romantic, captivating, refined, yet ominously ambiguous, perverse, and Mephistophelian persona that deviated from Stoker’s original literary creation. “I am Dracula!” delves into the complex communication code of facial masks, mystical holds, magnetic influence, ritualistic hand gestures, and rhythmic controlled body movements, as a way to restore the foundational role of imagination and emotion in art. The play is a self-reflection on Alessandro Ferrari’s journey and exploration of his own anthropological similarities with Lugosi, his extensive research on Lugosi’s acting style, and his aspiration to carry on Lugosi’s legacy. The Lugosi family, currently leading Lugosi Enterprises, has recognized and commended Ferrari for his deep study of Lugosi’s acting style and instrumental role in extending Bela Lugosi’s legacy to future generations.

Vampiri a Catania con I am Dracula, fenomenologia freak di Bela Lugosi

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