Valorisation of pistachio, memorandum of understanding for the creation of themed tourist itineraries

Editorial board
06 July 2021 11:25

Through the collaboration between the mayors of the municipalities of Raffadali and S. Angelo Muxaro, respectively Silvio Cuffaro and Angelo Tirrito, with the manager of the Agrigento Tourist Office, the memorandum of understanding for the enhancement of pistachio was made active. .

A project linked to the local production of the so-called “green gold”, seen from a tourist and artistic point of view through a strong demand from businesses for a significant economic impact and social recovery falling on the territories of the two municipalities.

“The signed protocol, explain the councilors Riccardo Ragusa (Municipality of Raffadali) and Gianluca Di Benedetto (Municipality of S.Angelo Muxaro), will allow citizens, associations or companies present in the area to undertake, by virtue of this joint agreement, experiential, artistic and enogastronomic itineraries aimed at visiting the territories in question and also the creation of ad hoc infrastructures for product sponsorship, bringing a significant increase in wealth to the territories of the two municipalities with visibility on a national scale “.

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