Valerio Ferrara leaves the Brothers of Italy and is a candidate with the civic list “La Nostra San Cataldo”

The candidate for mayor of San Cataldo Valerio Ferrara, after a long reflection, resigns as Deputy Provincial Secretary of the Brothers of Italy. Which direction? Towards the “DOING” POLICY. Ferrara will run for mayor with the Civic list “OUR SAN CATALDO”. Below is the declaration of Valerio Ferrara:

“For several months I have made known my candidacy for Mayor of San Cataldo and with this in mind I have set to work to trace the most appropriate path to follow. What has always pushed me to do something useful for San Cataldo and has always supported me, even in recent months, is the great love that binds me strongly to this city. Over the years I have also realized that to do something concrete it is also essential to have an institutional position that allows you not only to “do” in your own small way but also allows you to fill the irrepressible desire to fully service to help make you “Better” in various respects. Seeing also my daughters fighting every day to get something from a country that can’t give you much more, I set myself as the main objective to start by attracting young people, who are constantly looking for concreteness. We are witnessing, in fact, a continuous and ever increasing “exodus” of many young people, forced to leave the most beautiful land there is, our beloved Sicily. Mine does not want to be an invitation to young people to approach what they perhaps no longer believe, politics, but I ask for trust because a city that cannot keep its young people, that has no future, is destined for a real and its own emptying, with a consequent impoverishment of the socio-economic conditions of its own population which remains increasingly old and alone. It is with young people that we must leave to “start again”, especially in this dark period of our society, brought to its knees by a pandemic emergency that seems to persist for another time. Where to start? From listening to the needs of everyone, even the youngest, because mine does not want to be electoral propaganda but always and only the search for concrete solutions to the many problems that we find ourselves living in our San Cataldo. I believe that it is necessary to “do” and not always and only “to say”. I strongly desire that the politics of “saying” be a very distant and obscure memory for San Cataldo. Speaking of the decision taken on my commitment, Eco made an equally commitment by many young people who responded to the challenge … with Enthusiasm, Competence, Trust and, above all, a great desire to “Do”. What struck me, however, is that over many young people also many “Differently Young” have recognized themselves in this contagious desire to “do”, to be there for their own city! Thus was born the civic list “La Nostra San Cataldo” whose members are together to share ideas, programs, but above all, for the “Good” of their city and of the Sancataldesi, precisely for this reason my candidacy for mayor will be presented with a list civic “Our San Cataldo”. In recent days I have read various newspaper articles, coming from various qualified exponents of the political world, present and past, of associations, voluntary work, engaged in social work, as well as others who have expressed their concern for the Good of our San Cataldo and who, to this end, have launched an appeal to all respectable forces and good will to get together and work around a common project! We cannot but accept such a request and, together with my team, we are ready and available to work in this perspective! At this point I believe more and more strongly in my candidacy and I feel even more motivated to carry it forward, with all the Sane forces of our San Cataldo, with which to join in a single project…. The very first places in this are occupied by: young people, work, support for craft and commercial enterprises, put to the limit by the Covid emergency, ecological transition, social development and support for the most fragile categories and the poorest economic groups. Given the particular situation of financial distress in our municipality, the obtaining and use of European funds for the various areas of interest plays a fundamental role. The North Star of the project? It will always be listening to everyone and the research and implementation of the most suitable solutions to solve any kind of problem. It will be the policy of “doing”, I am sure I will never give up on this because it is a force that I have always felt present within me, “doing”, making everything concrete in total transparency and putting in place the skills of a team and desire to “do” of each. All these months of commitment and satisfactory results, both in terms of membership and sharing important social values, have led me to consider and make a political and life “choice” … that of putting projects in the foreground , ideas, programs to work on and not belonging to one political party rather than another. And it is in this perspective that my commitment will continue, in the broadest political sense … that of “Doing”! Therefore, I leave the post related to my experience within FDI, to devote myself totally to our San Cataldo, thanking all those who will share my choice!

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