Valentina Palmeri goes to Mixed

Editorial team 21 July 2021 16:31

“After careful evaluation, I decided to move on to the mixed group and continue to carry on, like Verdi – Green Europe, my battles of all time: the defense of the environment and the fight against climate change, which, together with listening to the territory and of the weaker groups, they will always be my lighthouse “. This was stated by the regional deputy Valentina Palmeri, now a former Attiva Sicilia. Palmeri yesterday abstained on the Building bill, shared by his group instead, and voted against the excerpted provision of the so-called “article 20”, approved by Sala d’Ercole, which provides for a sort of ‘mini-amnesty’ for the buildings built in areas subject to relative unsuitability. With the farewell of Palmeri, the group of Attiva Sicilia drops to four members. “Despite the long path shared with my colleagues, for whom I have always nourished and have esteem and affection, I believe that my choice is obligatory. I intend to continue a journey with those who have so far shared points and objectives of true change for Sicily” , says Palmeri “There are the conditions to work well together on all issues related to the protection and enhancement of the environment and the Sicilian territory”, underlines the regional deputy of “the hundred steps” Claudio Fava, commenting on the entry into the mixed group of the deputy from Trapani . In the coming weeks, the two parliamentarians will be engaged in a series of joint initiatives.