Valderice. U zu Betto Grammatico, the musician barber, died

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Valderice mourns Alberto Grammatico, a musician who with his mandolin and his serenades has enchanted generations of Valdericini in festivals and parties.

Grammarist, known as “u zu betto”, passed away today at the age of 98.

Music was his passion since he was a child, even if he was a barber by trade, right in Valderice, where he had moved as a child from Buseto.

“On 7 May 2017 – writes Sergio Bonanzica – full professor of Ethnomusicology at the University of Palermo – I had the good fortune to meet in Valderice the former barber Alberto Grammatico, who, although very young, still played mandolin and guitar in an amazing way.
I was together with Dorotea Salerno to collect the latest testimonies of Trapani players and we have documented beautiful dance sonatas and many tales about local traditions.
He played with Gaetano Lombardo, 84 years old at the time.
I now learn that Alberto, zzu Bettu, has left this world, but will remain his art in the memory of those who have had the good fortune to know him “.

To remember “u zu Bettu” also the mayor of Valderice, Francescco Stabile.

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