Vaccines in ice cream parlors, doctors and nurses make a stop at Arenella

Editorial office 22 July 2021 19:06

If the mountain does not go to Muhammad, Muhammad goes to the mountain. With this spirit, the Covid Emergency Office led by Renato Costa has launched another initiative, scheduled for July 27 (10 am to 6 pm), which provides for the setting up of vaccination desks at Arenella, precisely in the Dolce brivido ice cream parlor (piazza Tonnara 45). The idea was born to “further shorten the distance between the vaccine and people by sending teams of young doctors and nurses – reads a note – to immunize a stone’s throw from home”.

For the occasion the camper of the commissioner structure, with the Usca doctors on board, will be parked in front of the commercial activity that has made its premises available. “All you have to do is book ( see link ), bring your health card and an identity document with you. Anyone who is at least 12 years old can get immunized, whether they have yet to receive the first dose, whether they wait for the second (as long as the timing between one dose of vaccine and the next is respected) “.

” We go to them. We have already done it – declares the commissioner Costa (photo attached) – with the campaign that led us to the suburbs to vaccinate those who were most in difficulty. Now we launch this experiment in the neighborhoods, starting with Arenella, and we extend it to all those who live in the area, who pass by there, who want to book and come. The ambition would be to do the same, slowly, in other districts of Palermo, always hoping that the infections remain contained, so as to be able to continue to allocate the Usca to the strengthening of the vaccination campaign We are doing everything possible to bring the vaccine closer to people “.

To this end, the commissioner has launched various initiatives, some of which – such as AperiVax – will probably be replicated in other nightlife venues. On July 25, appointment with NoVacciniNo parties, the partnership with Confcommercio Palermo to vaccinate in the workplace. The chosen place is the restaurant-pizzeria La Braciera in Villa, in Villa Lampedusa, in via dei Quartieri 104. From 18 to midnight, the employees of the activity will be vaccinated first and then all the customers who will be there for dinner on the 25th and who they will want, with the same system of qr code at the table already experienced in #AperiVax. Finally, tonight, Vaccinarte returns to the Antonino Salinas Regional Archaeological Museum in Piazza Olivella: free admission ticket for those who immunize themselves among the wonders of the past ( reservations subject to availability ) .

Open days for over 12s

The open days organized by the Region to further promote the vaccination campaign on the island will continue until Tuesday 27 July (27 included). All the population, aged 12 and over, can get vaccinated without reservation in all vaccination points of the Sicilian provinces. Pfizer and Moderna sera will be administered. This was announced by the regional health department: “The objective of the initiative that joins the many others launched by the Asp and the Covid emergency commissioners – reads a note – is to immunize as many citizens as possible and to counteract the ‘ viral variants’ throughout the region “.


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