Vaccines, error in the platforms with more than 300: chaos and protests in Ragusa

A nightmare day for citizens who went to the Ragusa vaccination center. Gatherings, protest files, waited up to five hours.
Due to a clerical error in the IT booking platform, over 800 people were called, 300 more than expected. A massive presence that caused inconvenience among users. The elderly, the disabled, people from outside the province. There was no lack of fines for exceeding the parking hours that fueled the protests, complaints about what was happening and also the intervention of the police.
In the evening, the provincial health authority itself explains what happened: “Today, the vaccine programming at the hub of the former civil hospital in Ragusa has experienced inconveniences due to the high number of people who showed up, as invited, for vaccination. There must have been about 500 vaccines to be administered, but due to an error that occurred in the booking platform, more than 800 people showed up. Some of these came from others provinces of Sicily “. The extra people were vaccinated anyway. “The Directorate General, having acknowledged the inconvenience caused to users – reads a note from the Asp – expresses regret for what has happened and has recommended that the offices in charge be vigilant so that such problems do not occur anymore”.
Even the Mayor of Ragusa, Peppe Cassì spoke in the evening, commented: “From tomorrow we will adopt further measures as far as the municipal competence is concerned, in order to make the service easier and reduce inconvenience”.