Vaccines: Asp Palermo, over 2,500 doses in occasional points

The Open day continues over the weekend

(ANSA) – PALERMO, 14 JAN – The Open day of anti-Covid vaccinations continues on the weekend in the hubs and at the points of administration of the Asp of Palermo. The health company, a note reads, continued to guarantee vaccination even for all those who had not made a reservation. The same method is also followed in the daily proximity initiatives that the ASP organizes in the districts of the city and in the province. From Tuesday to today there have been a total of 2. 571 administrations in the occasional points: 627 in Montemaggiore Belsito , 518 at the “Vucciria” of Palermo, 463 in Terrasini and today 585 in Partanna Mondello and 378 at the Capo market. Proximity vaccinations are carried out with Army doctors and nurses. Meanwhile, the company management is planning, in agreement with the school managers, a new calendar of vaccination initiatives directly on the premises of the institutes. The activity, which began last July, will also involve elementary schools for vaccinations for the pediatric range, 5 – 11 years. (ANSA).