Vaccines and first controversies the Asp Caltanissetta responds to the criticisms

Unions and political representatives have highlighted some critical issues related to the administration of the serum in the main provincial structures. The reply of the local health leaders

CALTANISSETTA – After the parenthesis on the problem of chaos for tampons, the one for vaccines has begun. Tilted reservations, mileage lines, unsuitable sites where promiscuity is the host, without chairs, without comfort. A situation that aroused many complaints from citizens and which were taken care of by both trade union representatives and representatives of the political world.

“The news of serious problems – said the general secretary of the CGIL Ignazio Giudice and the secretary of the CGIL FP, Rosanna Moncada – emerged on the procedures and places chosen to carry out Covid-19 vaccinations in the Sant’Elia hospital unit and in the Gela hospital unit, we are alarmed and need interventions aimed at protecting citizenship ”.

“In Sant’Elia of Caltanissetta – they added – vaccinations are carried out on the first floor, which is a passage point for Neurosurgery, Transfusion Center, Virology and Pathological Anatomy, as well as Utic Cardiology and Hemodynamics, while in the hospital of Gela these are rooms on the second floor where the Uoc of General Surgery-Breast Breast Unit is located, which is still merged with the Orthopedics. The continuous passage and parking of subjects in areas dedicated to hospitalization constitutes a potential danger that must be absolutely averted “.

“Hospitals – concluded the trade union representatives – are places at high risk for healthcare-related infections. The paths inside the premises of the structures, if not well defined, represent a potential risk of contagion “.

As mentioned, however, the issue also ended up at the center of the political debate. “The organization of the vaccination phase in the area – said the provincial secretary of the Democratic Party, Peppe Di Cristina – must be revised, relaunching health services especially in Gela. We are in March and there is no time schedule on the next steps for vaccinations, not only for the weaker groups such as those over eighty ”.

The strongest voice, however, was raised by the regional deputy of the 5-star Movement, Ketty Damante. “In the Nyssian area – he said – there is chaos for the booking and administration of vaccines. The system is a mess. Not only are over-eighty-year-olds forced to relate to computers and smartphones to understand where and how to be vaccinated, but when they manage to connect overcoming the continuous technical disruptions, they are forced to travel for tens of kilometers in other municipalities, in hospital wards organized at the less worse, dealing with queues and gatherings. If for the regional health councilor, Ruggero Razza, this is normal, for the citizens it is not ”.

The positions taken by the provincial health authority were not long in coming, whose representatives tried to clarify the situation, throwing water on the fire and reassuring the citizens. “The note released by the deputy of the Damante 5-star Movement – he said the manager of the Asp of Caltanissetta, Alessandro Caltagirone – is the most evident expression of those who demonstrate that they are completely distant from reality and, in particular, from the current historical moment we are experiencing. The complaints formulated on the organizational methods for vaccinations of the over eighty of the ASP of Caltanissetta appear sterile: they are the same adopted throughout the regional and national territory as the result of specific rules issued by the Conte government ”.

It is surprising – added Caltagirone – that it is the deputy Damante who criticizes a system defined by that government that it has supported until recently. It therefore appears evident that these criticisms, which came in conjunction with a change in governance, are exclusively instrumental and political “.

“An even more serious attitude – concluded the ASP manager – in a delicate and above all so important moment for many fragile people, who in recent days have been able to count on a precious tool for prevention and immunity such as the vaccine”.

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