Vaccines, 30,000 doses of Moderna and AstraZeneca are coming to Sicily

There are 30 thousand doses of anti Covid vaccines delivered in these hours in Sicily. Delivery is entrusted to the express courier SDA of Poste Italiane. These are 19,200 doses of Moderna and 10,800 of Astrazeneca. Deliveries are intended for hospital pharmacies in Palermo (8,000), Giarre (6,600), Milazzo (4,000), Enna (1600), Erice Casa Santa (2,300), Syracuse (2,100), Ragusa (1,700), Agrigento (2,300), and Caltanissetta (1,400).

Meanwhile, the possibility of vaccinating with Pfizer or Moderna without a reservation will continue every day throughout Sicily for the over 80s. It is the new opportunity that the Musumeci government reserves, already today, for older citizens, who have not yet received the first dose of the anti-Covid vaccine and who will be able to go to all provincial hubs and health facilities supplied with Pfizer and Modern, with identity document and health card. An initiative to further accelerate the vaccination campaign on the island.

At the moment the total administration in Sicily amounts to 1,288,228 out of 1,533,045 doses delivered (84%). The most vaccinated age group is between 80 and 89 years (288 thousand people). The report on vaccines in Sicily is updated at 6 am today, April 26, 2021. There are 679 thousand women vaccinated and 608 thousand men instead.

People vaccinated in Sicily

  • Health and social health workers: 237.985
  • Non-medical personnel: 77,094
  • Residential facility guests: 47,603
  • Over 80: 288.362
  • Defense and security sector: 34,137
  • School staff: 72,505
  • Fragile subjects and Caregivers: 347.144
  • Range 70-79: 88.229
  • Range 60-69: 60.269

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