Vaccinations. Three requests from the local Comibleo to the Asp Raguss

After having analyzed the vaccination trend in the city of Ragusa, with particular reference to what happens daily at the hub of the former Civil hospital, the Comibleo, the spontaneous voluntary committee made up of citizens residing in Ibla, made a formal request to the strategic direction of the Asp. “It would be interesting to understand – explain from Comibleo – why no other stations have been prepared for the anticovid vaccination, dividing the citizens into the various categories, completely eliminating the gatherings and the dangers connected to it. And then we complain about the growth of infections, we criticize the young people who gather while the ASP and the Municipality of Ragusa seem not to realize that, in this way, there is a risk of contributing to the spread of the virus, despite the presence of the local police and the carabinieri barracks right in front of the Civil where, unfortunately, the gatherings are on the agenda “. The Comibleo, however, in a proactive way, indicates to the ASP which could be some public structures in the city that lend themselves very well to this purpose and where, among other things, there are ample parking lots. “In addition to the Civil Hospital, still active, and John Paul II – it is clarified – they could be the Maria Paternò Arezzo hospital, the GB Odierna hospital, the sports school with adjoining sports hall in the Selvaggio district, the Bellarmino gym , the gym in via Aldo Moro, the sports hall in via Zama, the Tenda theater, not to mention the numerous private structures currently not functioning such as cinemas and theaters ”. Still on the subject of Health, Comibleo makes another report which, this time, has to do with the local pharmacy in via Paestum in Ragusa, to which patients from all over the provincial area turn to. “Unfortunately – clarified by Comibleo – despite the availability of the staff assigned to the delivery of health facilities, we take note of how it is insufficient to provide the service to the numerous users who show up every day and who form a long line. We inquired and it was made clear that compared to the normal staff which should consist of six units, currently there are only two operating and are busy trying to provide answers. This is why we invite the Aliquò manager to carefully evaluate the report, to verify its validity and to act accordingly to ensure that the service, as unfortunately is happening, does not accuse defaillance. We are talking about an indispensable service aimed at guaranteeing, above all, the weakest sections of the population ”. And, in this regard, the Comibleo, as already done in the past by numerous residents, reiterates the need to establish a medical guard in Ibla not only for the residents but also for the numerous visitors who usually, before the pandemic and hopefully even later, the narrow streets and characteristic glimpses of the neighborhood crowded. “The medical guard in Ibla – it is said – was suppressed in 2002. And, since then, the ancient city village has had to resort to the provision of health services by hospitals without more careful monitoring on this front” .

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