Vaccinations in Messina, the situation at Mandalari: doses for teachers, police forces and a team in retirement homes [FOTO e INTERVISTE]

February 26, 2021 16:27

Vaccinations in Messina, the situation at the Mandalari: administration carried out on teachers, police forces and elderly in retirement homes

From yesterday evening vaccine reservations for teachers in the province of Messina. The Region announces that the problem for the reservations of the Astrazeneca vaccines for the teaching staff in the Messina area has been solved since yesterday evening. Teachers will be able to use the platform immediately and book themselves in the vaccination centers of Messina and the province identified by the Asp. In addition, vaccinations for law enforcement agencies over 55 continue, vaccinated with the new doses of AstraZeneca. An active team that will take care of the administration to elderly over 80 residents in cases of rest. As stated by the Doctor Alfina Rossitto director of UOC territorial pharmaceutical assistance, in Messina there are about 300 daily vaccinations.

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