Ustica massacre: Former PM Amato reveals DC9 shot down by French missile

In an exclusive interview with La Repubblica, former Italian Prime Minister Giuliano Amato discusses the Ustica massacre that occurred on June 27, 1980, where 81 people died. Amato claims that the Itavia DC9 was shot down by a French missile, with the complicity of the Americans and those involved in the aerial war in Italian skies that evening. The intention was allegedly to target Libyan leader Ghaddafi, who was flying in a MiG aircraft. The plan was to simulate a NATO exercise, during which a missile would be launched against Ghaddafi, making it appear as an unintentional accident. However, Ghaddafi was warned about the danger and did not board his plane, resulting in the missile hitting the Itavia DC9 instead. The most accepted hypothesis is that the missile was launched by a French fighter jet from an aircraft carrier off the southern coast of Corsica or from the Solenzara military base, which was busy that evening. France has never shed light on this incident. Amato questions why French President Macron, who was not directly involved in the Ustica tragedy, refuses to remove the stain on France’s reputation. Amato suggests that Macron should either prove the theory wrong or, if proven correct, offer profound apologies to Italy and the victims’ families in the name of his government. Amato believes that a prolonged silence is not a solution.

La strage di Ustica, l’ex presidente del Consiglio Amato svela: il Dc9 abbattuto da un missile francese

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