Useless tests for premature babies, doctor disputes all charges


He made use of the right not to respond to the investigating magistrate and entrusted his defense to a spontaneous declaration reported on three typed pages in which "rejects the disputed charges" doctor Alessandro Rodonò, the neonatologist of the San Marco hospital in Catania under house arrest three days for bribery.

According to the accusation, which challenges him to four episodes, two worn out and two attempted, he would have had unnecessary ultrasound performed on premature infants under intramoenia.

His lawyer, the lawyer Santi Terranova, announced an appeal to the Court of Review, "My decision to prescribe further ultrasound control under the intramoenia regime – said Rodonò in the spontaneous declaration – never solicited with threat or with any form of subtle coarctation, but suggested only and exclusively for professional scruple, was found to be imposed by the nature of the disputes raised in relation to the excessive and exasperated number of brain ultrasounds which, according to the company, entail excessive costs ". For this reason, he claims, to follow the envisaged national protocol, he would have had no choice but to opt for the "intraomenia regime", also for the high number of infants, about 300 per year, who resort to the care of San Marco . And he underlines that "the proceeds from the intramoenia service are distributed to 52% in favor of the Company and the gross balance in favor of the professional"

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