Useless red zone in Caltanissetta, infections are still worrying

Schools closed at least until April 14 to prevent any outbreaks. Concern of the mayor Gambino who has asked for stricter measures from the representatives of the national government

CALTANISSETTA – No return to school for Nissen students. At least up to and including 14 April, until the activities of nursery schools are suspended, face-to-face teaching for kindergarten, primary school and for the first year of lower secondary school in derogation from the provisions of the ‘art. 2 paragraph 1 of the Law Decree n. 44 of 1/4/2021, given the extraordinary epidemiological situation present in the territory.

A news that the mayor Roberto Gambino decided to communicate to the Nissenians with the now usual direct Facebook at the end of a meeting of the Municipal Civil Protection Operations Center which was also attended by the health director of the ASP, Marcella Santino.

“A decision not easy to take – said the mayor – dictated by the data transmitted by the ASP. What worries us most is that the red zone established last March 15 did not produce any effects and in fact the infections continue to increase. At the end of the meeting of the Municipal Operations Center we have thus decided to suspend the educational activities in the presence of all schools of all levels in the municipality of Caltanissetta until April 14th ”.

“I applied the faculty of derogation granted by the law decree of the Draghi government – added Gambino – as it is clear and evident the high number of infections in the city with the prevalence of the English variant and outbreaks within schools. The reopening of the institutions would cause gatherings at the entrance and exit of the educational institutions, with the increased risk of contagion among the subjects accompanying the pupils “.

At the request of the mayor and despite the inevitable consequences for the economy, the red zone was also extended. “I also spoke with Undersecretary Pierpaolo Sileri – underlined the mayor – asking for a extraordinary intervention by the Government for the situation that is affecting us closely. Probably the best solution is the lockdown, a measure that cannot be adopted by me since the Draghi decree limits the initiatives of individual mayors ”.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Civil Protection Operations Center deemed it necessary to increase checks in the city and mandated the offices to prepare a map for the location of infections in order to immediately identify the formation of outbreaks.