Updated after 40 years: Erice Manifesto states war should not hinder dialogue in science

The Erice Manifesto, drafted in 1982 to emphasize the role of science and scientists in preventing nuclear holocaust in a world divided into opposing military blocs, has been updated in light of the new international political situation. An appeal is made in the Addendum for ongoing wars not to stop dialogue between scientists and cooperation in science. The document notes that since 1982, 100,000 scientists and government officials have signed the Erice Manifesto. It also highlights the need for science to be independent and neutral, with the well-being of humanity at the center of concerns. The current development of science is based on international collaboration and unrestricted communication among researchers. The document concludes by stating that ongoing wars have dramatically reintroduced a crisis of international relations that does not belong to the spirit of science and global knowledge sharing, and calls for a change in direction.

Aggiornato dopo 40 anni il Manifesto di Erice: la guerra non fermi il dialogo nella scienza

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