Up to 50% off flights for Sicilian residents: how it will work

The government of Sicily, led by President Renato Schifani, has announced a new initiative to offer discounts on air travel for residents of the island. The goal is to combat the high cost of flights and make it more affordable for Sicilians, especially during peak seasons and holidays. The discounts will range from 25% on regular tickets to 50% for priority categories such as senior citizens, individuals traveling for medical reasons, students, and people with disabilities. The government plans to launch the initiative in December and has allocated a total of 27.5 million euros in funding for the program. President Schifani emphasized the government’s determination to challenge the high prices set by airline companies and ensure that Sicilian residents have access to more affordable air travel. The initiative has been praised as a concrete and unprecedented measure to support the economic mobility of Sicilian residents.

Caro voli, sconti fino al 50% per i residenti siciliani: ecco come funzionerà

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