Unveiling General Dalla Chiesa’s Untold Side: Palermo’s Revelation in Book 41 Years After His Death

“Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, a soldier, Carabiniere, and prefect, is the subject of a new historical documentary book published by the Defense Staff. The book, titled ‘Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa: Soldier, Carabiniere, Prefect,’ was presented today at Villa Pajno in Palermo, marking the 41st anniversary of the mafia-related massacre in Via Isidoro Carini, where General Dalla Chiesa, his wife Emanuela Setti Carraro, and State Police officer Domenico Russo lost their lives. The book, written by General Alfonso Manzo, Captain Alessia Glielmi, and Captain Francesco D’Ottavio, spans hundreds of pages and traces Dalla Chiesa’s career from his entry into the army during World War II. The first segment of the book sheds light on Dalla Chiesa’s little-known role as a partisan in the resistance after the September 8 armistice. The authors emphasize the importance of highlighting this previously unknown aspect of Dalla Chiesa’s life. The book meticulously details his professional journey, with a particular focus on the 123 days he spent in Palermo, where his life tragically ended. The authors aimed to offer readers something unique by incorporating both written and visual elements to evoke emotions throughout the reading experience.”

Palermo, il lato inedito del generale Dalla Chiesa svelato in un libro a 41 anni dalla sua morte

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