Untracked fish, black market labor, sanitary issues: Sushi restaurant in Riposto closed

The Carabinieri suspended the activity of a sushi restaurant in Riposto, a town with almost 14,000 inhabitants on the coast of Catania, for 10 days. The military found a general state of neglect and serious hygienic-sanitary deficiencies in the employees’ changing rooms and toilets, leading to fines totaling 2,500 euros. They also found six undeclared workers out of 10. The owner was reported for not sending the 6 workers for the expected medical examination and was fined an additional 21,600 euros. Among the irregularities found were a dead cockroach in the employees’ changing room, obvious encrustations on the floors, kitchen utensils, and work surfaces not properly disinfected, and 14 kilograms of untraceable and unlabeled fish in the refrigerator.

Pesce non tracciato, lavoro nero, carenze igieniche: chiuso un ristorante di sushi a Riposto

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