“Unthinkable that every rain paralyzes roads”

Even the latest wave of bad weather caused damage and brought the roads in the province to their knees. Dozens of streets that have been invaded by mud, as happens regularly. Now that the weather gives a respite, the damage is counting. The undersecretary for infrastructures, Giancarlo Cancelleri, together with the mayors of Scillato and Polizzi Generosa supervised the interventions that Anas is carrying out to restore the road system on state road 643 to normal.

“Our territories are paying dearly for years of bad regional policy – said Cancelleri – The total absence of planning for the prevention of hydrogeological instability today leads us to count the damage around our island. In these hours I am carrying out several inspections in the affected areas and where the viability has been seriously compromised due to this wave of exceptional bad weather. It is unthinkable that any rain paralyzes the road system. We must immediately understand that if we do not take serious action to preserve our territories, these events will become the ordinariness and going back will be really complicated “.

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