Unpaid loan and unpaid drugs: Quaranta reconstructs the reasons for the Bellavia murder


“Originally Nicotra, (omitted) and Bellavia were all together, then they split in two and on the side of (omitted) Nicotra had gone. I know that Ciffa was group of the (omitted). I was told that he was killed because he had shot Carmelo Bellavia, known as ‘Carnazza’ ”. It is February 1, 2018 when the justice collaborator, with these words, reconstructs how and why the group initially cohesive – and “moreover dedicated to drug trafficking on the Belgium-Favara axis”, writes the investigating judge – yes it would be split into two opposing subgroups. The repentant reports to the magistrates of the DDA that he is reporting “what Emanuele Ferraro and Carmelo Vardaro confided to him” – the investigating magistrate clarifies in the precautionary custody order.

The double attempted murder, the repentant Quaranta: “The target was Maurizio Distefano”

“In light of the statements made by the collaborator Giuseppe Quaranta – writes the judge for the preliminary investigations of the court of Palermo – in the autumn of 2014,