University of Messina: cycle of seminars entitled “Pluralisms. Reflections on bodies, politics, gender representations “

23 February 2021 09:46

Messina: Friday 26 February at 3.30 pm the Cycle of Seminars “Pluralismi. Reflections on bodies, politics, gender representations “

On Friday 26 February at 3.30 pm the Cycle of Seminars “Pluralismi. Reflections on bodies, politics, gender representations ”. On the inaugural day – after the institutional greetings of Prof. Giovanna Spatari, Vice Rector for Welfare and Gender Policies, Prof. Concetta Parrinello, President of the CUG and the Director of the COSPECS Department, Prof. Pietro Perconti – will speak Prof. Franca Bimbi with a report entitled The scene of the female body: generativity and erotic capital as the birthplace of the social. “Pluralismi” will continue with nine appointments, divided into three general thematic areas that investigate three strictly interconnected dimensions: political, communicative and cognitive.

The initiative, promoted by the Department of Cognitive, Psychological, Pedagogical and Cultural Studies and scientifically coordinated by Domenica Bruni, Antonia Cava, Milena Meo and Assunta Penna, is in line with the particular attention of the University of Messina to gender issues and it proposes to give voice, restoring weight and value, to the complexity of the reality of genres, bodies and plural identities. Donatella Barazzetti, Fabio Corbisiero, Silvia Galdi, Elisa Giomi, Anne Maass, Telmo Pievani, Graziella Priulla, Raffaella Rumiati, Flaminia Saccà and Giovanna Vingelli will participate, In addition to the structured path, other scientific initiatives and activities will be provided (book presentations, screenings , exhibitions, etc.). Sicilian artists and artists participated in the project, through the images that will announce each event: Francesco Paolo Catalano, Sara Cucè, Gloria Di Bella, Francesco Faraci, Paolo Galletta, Rita Malta, Eleonora Orlando, Giuseppe Santagata, Gaetano Serio, Carla Sutera Sardo , Venetian Dodo.

Participation in the meetings is free. The seminars will take place online on the Microsoft Teams platform and will start at 3.30 pm; on the dedicated website ( it is possible to consult the dates of the meetings and the links to participate.