University of Enna: “Kore carries out advanced training and advanced research for development and is not interested in participating in the controversy”

In communicating that the new professionalizing degree course in Technologies for environmental monitoring and sustainability of the Kore University was approved by the national university council and will leave next autumn, the rector and president of the University of Enna, professors Giovanni Puglisi and Cataldo Salerno, underline the contents and projects that support the start of this new training structure of the ‘Kore University of Enna, with particular reference to the recent critical observations that emerged in the political-cultural debate, which developed around the agreement between Kore and ENI-Gela aimed at allowing professional internships to future students enrolled in the degree course.

We appreciate – Puglisi and Salerno declare – the commitment of those who work for the improvement of environmental conditions and the protection of the planet and we ideally feel close to the thousands of volunteers who dedicate themselves to these issues with passion and personal sacrifice.

However, it is not the task of the universities, and not even of Kore, to judge the small and large companies operating in the territories. Our university takes care, with commitment and seriousness, of higher education, scientific research, technology transfer and support for cultural, social and economic development, aiming at the highest quality of the training product and relations with the world of work, in interest of its students and graduates.

Kore deems it his duty – moreover required by law by the institutive procedures of the degree course – to pay the utmost attention to both the closest and most distant contexts. And along this line is the agreement signed with ENI for the Gela site, as well as the other agreements stipulated with companies operating in the Syracuse area.

We are well aware of the environmental and health damage caused by almost all large industrial settlements, but for this reason we have chosen to collaborate with ENI in the conversion processes green of one of its important centers such as that of Gela, offering our students the opportunity to combine theoretical training with operational comparison in the field of environmental redevelopment policies, a peculiar characteristic of the new degree course established by Kore.

In the same way and for the same reasons we have been supporting for some time, with our research infrastructures and ours know-how, the initiatives aimed at the environmental recovery of the Syracuse area, where other international actors insist.

Frankly, it does not seem to us a good practice to reject a collaboration on projects for the re-elaboration of industrial policies that are announced in a completely innovative sense with respect to the errors of the past. The objectivity of the scientific vision must be the only guiding star that must accompany the new model of training in the field, which inspires in particular these new degree courses, which absolutely cannot hide the excuse of ideological ostracism.

Our professors and researchers, even if on average very young, are more than mature to understand, in the letter and in the spirit of Article 33 of the Constitution, where to go, how far to go and where to stop and return to the “purity” of research..

We therefore thank – Salerno and Puglisi conclude – for the alert, always as precious as those we have received in large numbers these days, but we claim the autonomy of higher university education and the absolute freedom of scientific research“.

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