University of Catania and Bapr together for a green and agri-tech project

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As part of the Pnrr for the South.
Schininà (in the photo): “Strategic vision”


CATANIA – Promoting research, fostering the encounter between human capital and business needs and enhancing cultural heritage and the needs of the territory are the main objectives of the “Greentech Mediterranean Innovation Hub”, a project that was ranked among the 27 selected at inside the call for proposals “Ecosystems of innovation in the south in marginalized urban contexts” of the Ministry for the South and Cohesion.

With the 10.5 million euros in funding from the PNRR fund, “Greentech Mediterranean Innovation Hub” will become one of the most important centers in Italy for technology transfer in the green and agri-tech sector as well as the first high-performance center computing of the Mezzogiorno.

The hub will be created by the partnership made up of Banca Agricola Popolare di Ragusa, project manager who will manage the hub through its company Benefit, MEET, Mediterranean Ecosystem for Environment & Technologies, the University of Catania, the proposer, the Municipality of Ragusa , i3P, Incubator of innovative start-ups of the Polytechnic of Turin, Energy Center of the Polytechnic of Turin and the Cesare and Doris Zipelli Foundation.

The project was born with the clear intention of combating the migration of highly qualified human capital, involving young people and promoting equal opportunities in terms of gender and generations.
The territorial platform will be hosted in Ragusa, in the former headquarters of the Bank of Italy, where functional spaces with low environmental impact will be created, equipped with the most modern technologies, which will allow the carrying out of higher training activities and dissemination of business culture , incubation and acceleration of startups, and to stimulate technology transfer between the university and business world.

This project will accompany the development of companies by applying artificial intelligence to the areas of innovation “greentech”, “agritech”, “green-energy”, “blue economy”, “mobility & logistics”, through laboratories on business competitiveness, to “virtual reality” and “augmented reality”, observers on European calls, coworking spaces.
At the same time, the pole aims to favor the birth and longevity of start-ups and spin-offs, to counteract the phenomenon of youth depopulation and attract new talents to the South.

In addition to the “quantitative” benefits, there are also “cultural” ones through new practices for raising awareness and enhancing the historical and artistic heritage of the entire surrounding area.
The technology available, in fact, can also be used for activities related to the conservation, protection, use and enhancement of the cultural heritage of the territory.

The Hub is part of a particular socio-economic context such as that of the province of Ragusa which, according to the Cerved 2021 study, is in third place in Italy for the incidence of transitional companies (18.6% of the total number of Ragusan companies, Italian average 8.3%), companies with a high potential of ecological impact, in a region, the Sicilian one, characterized by a progressive loss of human capital, with the highest number of young Italians between 18 and 24 years who leave prematurely studies, a high percentage of NEETs and a low tertiary training rate.

The rector of the University of Catania, Francesco Priolo said: “Once again the strong synergy between the University of Catania and public and private entities has allowed us to win the strong competition that exists at national level, obtaining important funding for the Sicilian territory thanks to the funds of the NRP.
We will create a pole of fundamental importance for technological transfer in the green and agri-tech field and enhancement of knowledge for the benefit of the entrepreneurial fabric and civil society with the aim of giving a strong impulse to the development of local businesses and promoting employment.
of our young people.
The University of Catania, with the admission to financing of the project, confirms the strong investment in the Ragusa area in terms of training and research “.

Arturo Schininà, president of Bapr, added: “The Greentech Mediterranean Innovation Hub was born from the strategic vision of Bapr, which is significantly investing in initiatives that go in the direction of digitization and sustainable development, in the belief that technology, even more so.
green ‘, constitutes an opportunity.
On this occasion the Bank, recognizing the great interest in the territory shown by the University of Catania, has started a fruitful collaboration between public and private actors, the validity of which has now been recognized and which will allow the creation of an innovative solution with a great impact social and economic for Sicily and the whole South “.

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