Unipa-Confcommercio pact, companies and universities for innovation

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University of Palermo and Confcommercio start a collaboration to implement joint actions to facilitate the processes of economic development and boosting production activities, innovation, business management and strategic planning in the sectors of trade, tourism and services .

The objectives

Nourish a correct entrepreneurial culture to direct a new development model and create opportunities for economic and social growth in the Palermo area and facilitate cooperation to raise the level of quality of life of citizens, favoring a stable growth of the employment and development index of the territory.
These are the main objectives of the new protocol of understanding and technical-scientific cooperation signed by the Rector of the University of Palermo, Massimo Midiri, and by the President of Confcommercio Palermo, Patrizia Di Dio.

Permanent work

“UniPa is a development catalyst that contributes to the innovation of the business system.
This permanent working table masterfully composes the strategy for relaunching the Third Mission and cooperation with the territory – declares the Rector Massimo Midiri – One of the most important elements of the agreement is Confcommercio’s willingness to collaborate with its Study Center to draft, involving the teachers and students of our University, operational proposals for the social and economic development of the city based on scientific evidence “.

Businesses and universities for innovation

“The collaboration between the world of universities and that of businesses is of strategic importance for the innovation and development of the territory – comments Patrizia Di Dio, President of Confcommercio Palermo – We must not be overwhelmed by change but know how to manage and use it to innovate our companies.
The exchange of knowledge between universities and companies and the implementation of common projects are essential for a synergistic contribution.
We look to the world of universities as a strategic lever of skills and knowledge to make the world of our companies more performing.
The challenge lies in the effective ability to work as a team to bring research and innovation within the reach of smaller companies “.

University ecosystem development

The Vice Rector for the Third Mission, Maurizio Carta, underlines the importance of the initiative, stating that “the network of businesses in the commerce, tourism, professions and services of the metropolitan area of ​​Palermo constitutes a precious fabric of talents, skills and experiences.
and tools to allow the University of Palermo to be more and more a development ecosystem and to offer its students a wide and diversified pool of relationships with companies that strengthens the training they receive from UniPa, making them more capable of understanding the change in the work we are going through “.

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