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A comparative procedure based on qualifications has been launched for the assignment of 52 assignments of intellectual work for the realization of 52 pre-courses to be provided to future students who want to enroll in the first year of the degree courses of the academic year 2022/2023, divided by Departments according to the list in Annex A which is an integral part of this announcement

The requested activity will consist of:

participation in meetings with the didactic representatives of the subject of the course;provision of a total of 25 hours of lessons complete with self-assessment learning tests for each pre-course.

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For admission to the comparative procedure, the following requirements are required:

• degree (Magistrale or Specialistica or of the Old System) in the relevant degree class in the subject of the lectures or equivalent qualification
• have obtained the title of research fellow, research doctor or have taught in secondary school.


The following will be evaluated:
• The program of the course with the indication of how to verify learning;
• The proven experience in the subject of the selection.

Below, the Announcement:

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