Unict, appointment with the seminars of the cycle “Mafias, young people, suburbs”

The appointments of the cycle “Mafias, youth, suburbs”, 2020/21 edition of the university seminars “Territory, environment and mafias – In memory of Giambattista Scidà” continue. On Thursday 8 April, at 4 pm, the third appointment will be held, online on the Microsoft Teams platform, entitled “Boys in, boys out – Young people subjected to criminal measures. Pathways and experiences of restorative justice “. The theme will be introduced by the coordinator of the initiative Rossana Barcellona, ​​professor of History of Christianity and of the Churches of the Department of Humanities of the University of Catania. Speakers will be Maria Randazzo of the Penal Institute for Minors, Teresa Consoli of the University of Catania and Grazia Mannozzi of the University of Insubria. The eighth edition of the cycle organized as part of the broader initiative entitled to the memory of Giambattista Scidà “Territory, environment and mafias” intends to make a journey that winds its way into the world of youth, and in particular that of minors, which grows in the of criminal clans. A journey that will be articulated through three places that mark the life of young people: school, justice (juvenile), neighborhoods. The seminar is promoted by the Humanities Department of the University of Catania, in collaboration with Libera, Memoria e Futuro, Fondazione Fava, Udi, Trame di Quartiere, Punto Luce, Antico Corso Committee, Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the University of Catania. .

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