Unesco candidacy of the Italian Espresso Rite, the events in Palermo

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Unesco candidacy of the Italian Espresso Rite, the emblematic community of Palermo led by Arturo Morettino is born.
Saturday is the National Espresso Day, here are the events in Palermo.

The Rite of the Italian Espresso is a candidate to become Unesco intangible heritage of humanity and also Palermo does its part to support the path that will lead to this important recognition this year.

An objective that, if achieved, will benefit bars and the entire Italian coffee supply chain, heavily affected by two years of pandemic and the latest international crises, acting as a driving force for their recovery, as happened for other “intangible assets” that have obtained Unesco recognition in recent years in Italy.

What is called “Unesco effect”And which brings international attention to the protected property and the values ​​it represents, therefore to its protection and conservation, among the main advantages, aspects that translate into an improved attractiveness on a tourist and economic level.


In continuity with the work of the national network of emblematic communities of the Rito dell’Espresso, which carry out the Unesco candidacy, emblematic communities are born in various Italian cities united by a tradition of passion for coffee.

To coordinate the work of the Community of Palermo, the national network has chosen Arturo Morettino, a lover and profound lover of coffee.

The task of the emblematic community of Palermo will be to create a city network that works to actively support the candidacy and create awareness of the Espresso Rite, enhancing the work that baristas and restaurant owners carry out every day with passion, competence and determination.

The emblematic community of Palermo is made up of local institutions, trade associations, exponents of the world of culture and society, schools and simple coffee enthusiasts.
During the year, the emblematic community will implement activities open to the city which will aim to involve citizens and create awareness on the ritual of Espresso coffee.


Saturday 26 March will be the national day of the “Rite of Italian espresso coffee”, a full program of joint initiatives carried out by the communities that from North to South support the candidacy of Italian espresso coffee as an intangible heritage of humanity.

On Saturday, on the occasion of the National Espresso Day, Arturo Morettino will open the doors of the Morettino coffee museum for with the meeting “L’Espresso between culture, ritual, sociability and literature in Sicily”.
The various social activities connected to the Charter of values ​​that will take place during the year will be presented and it will be an opportunity to join the emblematic community of Palermo.

But the activities don’t stop there.
From today until March 30, in dozens of bars and cafes in Palermo and its province, it will be possible to sign up to support the Unesco candidacy.
It is also possible to support the application by signing up online on the ritodelcaffe.it website.

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