unemployed 44 year old prey to web criminals

Sixteen unauthorized charges, complete with “foreign currency payment fees”. The owner of a PostePay discovered them through an app: a forty-four year old, unemployed, resident in Canicattì. Operations that were carried out, all without his knowledge, between 16 and 18 October last. The charges were made for payments on a foreign website and only for “commissions in foreign currency” was charged 43.66 euros.

With the now classic modus operandi, even the forty-four-year-old unemployed person ran into a flurry – 16 operations – of online fraud. An increasingly widespread and, in fact, decidedly alarming phenomenon that affects everyone: very young and old and that allows the web criminals to take away, in a whisker, important or even ridiculous figures. Disappearances of money that the criminals hope will go unnoticed, but which – systematically – are ascertained, by looking at the Post Office app or the account statement, by all the victims. The policemen of the Canicattì police station have collected the complaint of denial of those charges, yet another fact, and have forwarded the file to colleagues at the Palermo Post. It will be up to the specialists to be able to find the “keystone” to identify who managed to appropriate the money of the unemployed forty-four year old.

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