Undersecretary Floridia visits the school office: “Increased organic plant”

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 17:12

Share Undersecretary for Education Barbara Floridia visited the Provincial School Office today. To welcome her the supervisor of studies, the manager Ornella Riccio, officials and operators. “Today’s meeting was important to discuss with the staff who are part of this Office to be aware of the actions taken for the regular start of the school year and to collect any critical issues that have occurred. The current organic plant has been implemented in recent years and, in 2019, there have been the hiring of new officials who have given their valuable contribution to renew the way the office works. Important resources who have carried out a fundamental work during the summer months to guarantee the start of the lessons in presence in Messina and its province ”, declared Floridia at the end of the visit. Finally, the manager Ornella Riccio expressed her heartfelt thanks to the work team, stating: “With the commitment and collaboration of all, important goals can be achieved and thanks to their valuable contribution it is always stimulating to face new challenges and support the needs of the territory and schools “.

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