Unauthorized importation of animal species stopped at the Port of Palermo

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The Financiers of the 1st Metropolitan Operational Unit of Palermo and the officials of the Customs Office, during checks carried out in the “Extra – Schengen” area in conjunction with the disembarkation of the vehicles and passengers of the “MAJESTIC” ship, coming from Tunis , have seized a specimen of “Testudo Graeca” introduced in the territory of the State in violation of the legislation for the protection of animal and plant species at risk of extinction.

In particular, during border checks, the “CITES” Squad of the Yellow Flames, together with customs officials, found the presence of a turtle, belonging to the “testudo graeca” species, inside a car driven by a citizen Tunisian.

The aforementioned live specimen of tortoise, protected by the 1973 Washington Convention, did not have the documentation required by the aforementioned Convention.
The immediate preventive seizure of the specimen was therefore triggered, which was subsequently entrusted to the care of the Bosco Ficuzza nature reserve; the person responsible, on the other hand, was referred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Palermo for the crime of attempted importation of protected species (envisaged and punished by art.
1, paragraph 1, of Law no.
150 of 1992).
The service activity is part of the device to combat illicit trafficking put in place in the local port by the Guardia di Finanza in collaboration with the Customs and Monopoly Agency, extended from 2017 to the protection of animal and plant species in way of extinction to safeguard biodiversity, in implementation of the CITES Convention, dating back to the agreement signed in Washington in 1973 to regulate the international trade of numerous species whose existence is endangered by the indiscriminate withdrawal in nature for commercial purposes.

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