Umbrellas and beach chairs left overnight, blitz in Filicudi

The beach of Punte in Filicudi has come under scrutiny by the Prosecutor’s Office of Barcellona. The deputy prosecutor, Dora Esposito, ordered the seizure of 52 sunbeds and 24 umbrellas that were left on the shore day and night instead of being moved after working hours. The company owned by S.E., a resident of the island, has a rental permit. The coast guard arrived and seized both the sunbeds and umbrellas. However, Judge Giuseppe Costa did not validate the seizure and instead ordered the preventive seizure of the beach area only. The company, represented by lawyer David Bongiovanni, has resumed its activities, but the sunbeds and umbrellas must be moved from the shore at sunset. The section of the beach that was used is still under seizure and unusable. Judge Giuseppe Sidoti has also put the owner of the company under investigation for occupying a beach area without authorization and placing umbrellas and sunbeds on a 600 square meter portion of public land.

Ombrelloni e sdraio lasciati di notte in spiaggia, blitz a Filicudi

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