Udc, the lawyer Minnella is the new coordinator of Aragon

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The political coordinator of the UDC of the province of Agrigento, Silvio Alessi, in concert with the regional secretary Decio Terrana, has appointed the lawyer Calogero Fabrizio Minnella as the new political coordinator of the UDC Italy for the Municipality of Aragona.

“I am satisfied that the UDC continues to structure itself in the province of Agrigento with another figure of the highest professional, political and human depth – transmits the Honorable Terrana – The appointment of Calogero Minnella comes after several discussions on the political times that the UDC carries on in Sicily and throughout the national territory. I must congratulate the provincial coordinator Silvio Alessi for having entrusted this task to Calogero Minnella, a man who will be able to offer a strong collaboration for the growth of our party “

The provincial coordinator Silvio Alessi is enthusiastic and transmits: “We are continuing to grow with enthusiasm, many professionals are putting themselves on the line for the defense of their territory, with the desire to transmit the moderate values ​​of the UDC. Our commitment is to be present in the area and closer to the citizens “.

Calogero Minnella dìchiara: “I have always looked with great respect the moderate policy carried out by the regional coordinator of the UDC Sicily Hon. Decio Terrana, for this reason I am honored to have received from the provincial coordinator, Silvio Alessi, the appointment of political coordinator of the municipality of Aragona. I will spend myself with passion, enthusiasm and determination to pursue a policy at the service of my fellow citizens, with the aim of making my contribution to the development of my municipality and to the well-being of my fellow citizens. “

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