Typical products but also debates, in Palermo the peasant village of Coldiretti

From 2 to 4 December in Palermo arrives the Farming village of Coldiretti. Typical products on display, tastings, workshops for children, comparisons and debates will alternate Castelnuovo square. For three days, experts and scholars will take turns discussing the issues of the energy crisis, food and the risks associated with the arrival of synthetic food on tables.

“The Coldiretti Farming Village is a particularly important national initiative that impacts on extremely topical issues – declared the mayor of Palermo Roberto Lagalla – quality and safety of the food chain, zero kilometer food, agriculture’s response to climate change and to the changed natural conditions with effects of quantity and quality on crops. I believe it is essential to raise awareness among the population and the city and I thank Coldiretti for choosing Palermo”.

Approximately 1,500 students from Palermo schools will learn how to cultivate the land, knead the zero kilometer flour, get to know some less common animals.

Interviewees: Francesco Ferreri president of Coldiretti Sicily and Roberto Lagalla mayor of Palermo

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