Two-year-old girl bitten in the eye by a stray dog undergoes surgery to save her vision.

A two-year-old girl was attacked by a stray dog in Carini on Saturday (October 21). The child was with her parents on the street when the dog lunged at her, biting her right eye. The terrified parents rushed her to the hospital in Palermo, first to Villa Sofia and then to the Children’s Hospital, where she underwent surgery by a plastic surgeon yesterday morning. The operation was meant to save her sight. The incident has caused a great deal of fear for the child and her parents. Animal activists in Carini have recently protested against the municipality, demanding action against stray dogs. They left seven dogs (five puppies for the volunteers and two adult dogs for the municipality) in the town hall and were subsequently reported to the authorities.

Carini, bambina di due anni azzannata a un occhio da un cane randagio: intervento dei medici per salvare la vista

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