Two thousand deaths in the Channel of Sicily: a shipwreck and ongoing landings

Despite the calm sea, the flow of migrants arriving on the shores of Sicily continues uninterrupted. According to data from the Viminale, there have been nearly 96,323 arrivals, with an additional 1,500 migrants arriving in the last two days. Many of these migrants make their journey on small boats, which often leads to frequent shipwrecks. One such shipwreck occurred near the island of Marettimo, where the Coast Guard recovered a body. Pope Francis expressed his grief for the deaths in the Mediterranean and highlighted the ongoing tragedy of migrants dying in their attempt to reach Europe. Furthermore, a metal boat carrying 45 migrants recently sank near Lampedusa, but all passengers were rescued without any reported casualties. In just one day, a total of 718 migrants arrived on the island, with plans to transfer 1,200 out of the 2,127 currently staying at the Lampedusa hotspot. Additionally, 76 survivors rescued in international waters will be disembarked in Naples by the Life Support team from Emergency.

Un naufragio e ancora sbarchi, già duemila morti quest’anno nel Canale di Sicilia

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