Two shots against the same house: unemployed again in the viewfinder


One, maybe two, gunshots were fired – in the night between Thursday and yesterday – against the window of the home of a 45-year-old unemployed. The same Licati who, in the past few weeks, had suffered the same intimidation: then someone shot him – always two pistol shots – against the balcony. It has become really worrying, given the succession of these disturbing intimidating episodes, what is happening in the center of Licata. The alarm went off, during the night between Thursday and yesterday, the carabinieri of the Licata company rushed in. The military carried out the surveys and started the investigation. It seems obvious – but there are no institutional confirmations in this regard – that the "hand" can always be the same. Videos of video surveillance cameras have already been acquired and there are images that, yesterday, were carefully studied by the military of the Weapon.

Yesterday the carabinieri did not reveal any indiscretion. However, it seems probable that the investigative track to follow, investigators and investigators, have already traced it.

What happened during the night between Thursday and yesterday was precisely the second episode, to the detriment of the same person, within a very short time. Even before they had been exploded – then it happened between 7.30 pm and 8.00 pm – two pistol shots against the balcony of the same house.

The investigators have decided to keep a close eye on the house with a certain systematic approach. In fact, we want to prevent such gestures from repeating themselves again. We want to prevent some tragedy from happening in the center of Licata. The carabinieri have again heard the 45-year-old unemployed to find out whether he has had disagreements with someone or whether he has suspicions. Nothing in this regard is, of course, leaked. The information of what happened in the last hours has already ended in the file that had been opened by the Procura della Repubblica of Agrigento.

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